Yoga of Horsemanship with Cathy Woods – On The Mat and In The Saddle

yoga Breath. Stretch. Strengthen. Allow. Connect. Do you have a special place in your heart for horses? Are you interested in yoga? Join us here at the ranch as we combine the two into one yoga journey with Cathy Woods Yoga of Horsemanship Package. This brand new and very unique package is offered January 25-30 starting at $650 per night and includes deluxe lodging with 3 hearty meals a day, the five-day Yoga of Horsemanship program, daily ranch activities, exquisite dining adventures and more. The five-day program is truly an awareness practice that is both a fun learning experience for novices and experienced riders alike. You will not only work on stretches and balancing, but also strengthening and alignment techniques for horse riding. You will learn breathing techniques that can be used in your yoga postures as well as in the saddle. Cathy will take you through a relaxation technique called a body scan. For those who aren’t yoga experts, a body scan helps one focus on the sensations in each individual part of your body, increasing overall awareness in life, on the mat & in the saddle. Yoga of Horsemanship is not about doing yoga poses on horses, but rather brining the yogic, present moment awareness to our interaction with horses and all that we do. yoga1 The Yoga of Horsemanship Program is a time to go inward to deepen the connection with oneself. It helps to escape the stresses of the day, and allow you to be in the moment. Learning this technique will allow you to move with grace, patience, flexibility, strength and balance in the saddle. This entire program is to make one a more aware and conscious rider. Cathy also helps with arena exercises where participants lead and work with different horses experiencing the individual energy of each horse and oneself. You will be able to take what you have learned on the mat into saddle on scenic journeys through the desert mountain trails of Arizona. Enjoy these very rewarding days full of stretching, strengthening and learning all centered around horse-back riding. Learn more about Cathy Wood’s Yoga of Horsemanship Package by clicking here or more about Cathy Wood's programs nationally by clicking here.