Western Wellness

The desire for wellness; mental and physical, has been on a constant rise since early 2015. People turn to healthy diet, exercise, nature and adventure to free their mind and body from stress. This is a trend at Tanque Verde Ranch that we embrace with our ‘Western Wellness’ program! We have put together a large multitude of activities, both on and off the ranch, to help you keep up an active lifestyle while you are on vacation. We have also made large strides in the kitchen to provide you with a diverse menu offering healthy options that bring out the flavors of western lifestyle. Wellness is crucial for every aspect of life, longevity, quality and happiness. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your vacation while taking care of yourself (and maybe treating yourself a little) at Tanque Verde Ranch.

On The Ranch

Over the years we have cultivated many activities to provide our guests opportunities to enjoy the beautiful scenery surrounding the Ranch. Horseback riding, our staple, is not only a perfect way to explore the Sonoran Desert and enjoy the scenery of the Saguaro National Park but is also a great workout. When using muscles that you do not use on a daily basis you are able to burn anywhere from 200-600 calories (walk ride/lope ride, respectively) per hour!

We also have a large collection of activities available on TVR property. Sporting four tennis courts (three hard surfaces and one soft surface), you have the option to improve your game or simply hit balls around with friends and family. We have equipment available, or you can bring your own, to play while burning just less than 700 calories an hour. We also converted one of the tennis courts into a pickleball court as another great option for racket sports.

Our basketball court is available for the hoops players. This court has an adjustable rim height, which makes it a great spot to play a friendly game or full-court competitive game. Burning anywhere from 550-750 calories per hour it is one of the more active things you can do while on the Ranch.

Hiking is not the only way to explore the desert and experience the beauty. We have provided complimentary bikes and helmets for our guests that are available to take out into the desert for an amazing guided mountain bike ride. With single-track trails available in the 600 acres close by there is no shortage of exploring you can do (also burn over 700 calories an hour.) Our guide will start with a simple mountain biking tutorial that will leave you feeling calm and confident as you take on the desert on two wheels. Plus each tour is based on the skill level of the riders from beginners to experts. Just let our team know.

With an array of trails around the Ranch, simply walking around the resort can burn up to 300 calories per hour. Not only will you get good exercise but it is a great opportunity to see wildlife such as; javelinas, roadrunners, cardinals, and many more species of animals and birds!

Don’t forget to take some time to relax and cool off in one of the two pools we have on-premises. Complete with a beautiful outdoor waterfall it is the perfect way to cool off and take some time to yourself after a day full of activities!

Off the Ranch

One of the largest benefits at TVR is its proximity to the Saguaro National Forest. This park consists of tens of thousands of acres full of exotic plants and animals that thrive in this very small corner of the United States. Nestled directly on the border of the National Park, you will find easy access to one of the five trailheads that bring you on looping hikes through the desert, such as Douglas Spring Trailhead located at the entrance to TVR. With dozens of hikes ranging from easy to challenging, you have yet another option to burn between 550-700 calories per hour. (Find out more about what is offered in the National Park here.)

Being a desert, we always emphasize the importance of water when you venture outdoors. May it be your everyday water, or the newest rave in wellness, Cactus Water. For the past several years, coconut water has been the number one trend among health-conscious individuals. As of recent, new plant-based water is stepping into the spotlight. Cactus Water has been discovered to offer both beauty and health benefits PLUS it has half the sugar and calories of most coconut water. This trend has been onset by a plant that grows fruitfully in our backyard, prickly pears, giving it a mellow berry flavor. You can get Cactus Water at the Tanque Verde Ranch gift shop or front desk.

No matter what you decide to do, on a daily basis while staying at Tanque Verde we hope that you enjoy fun in the sun as much as we do. The amount of activities the area has, gives us the opportunity to take advantage of making Tanque Verde Ranch unlike any other resort in the nation. We take pride in providing you with a fun and exciting vacation, as well as giving you the option you to indulge in a healthy getaway. Make sure to read about our healthy culinary options that Chef Macy has prepared here. Programs like our ‘Western Wellness’ is just one of the many new options that we incorporate, now and in the future, to provide you with a satisfying experience. If you’re interested in a Wellness Vacation call 1.866.319.0226 now or visit our website.