Western Wellness at TVR

Adventures, At The Ranch

Vacation is a time to improve your mental and physical health by escaping the routine of your daily life to liven things up. What better way to add adventure to your vacation than taking a trip to a traditional Arizona Dude Ranch? Tanque Verde takes pride in its historic roots and accommodations. There are no TVs in the rooms, forcing guests outdoors to the Arizona sunshine. When you leave Tanque Verde Ranch you will feel like a new person, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world.

The Ranch has a new program, ‘Western Wellness’ that has been developed to frame a healthy and active vacation (to the extent of which you prefer). Although many of these activities have been in our programs before, we are embracing the healthy components of these activities. There are a few different ways we facilitate this; activities that keep you moving, healthy food options, and plenty of sun!

There are 11 varieties of horseback rides you can go on during your stay, ranging in difficulty; you can find the best fit. Did you know on average a horseback ride can burn at least 260 calories per hour?! And it works muscles that you often do not engage when doing other activities. Plus other activities like sand volleyball, pickleball, and tennis, which are also available at the ranch can burn in excess of 800 calories per hour.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing route – The Ranch offers Yoga in a beautiful setting overlooking the desert. Find your zen and take in the fresh Arizona air while embracing the sunshine. Yoga can burn at LEAST 800 calories in just 45 minutes!

To match the active lifestyle at The Ranch, we have a new chef on board who takes pride in his healthier style of cooking. Chef Justin Macy puts a spin on western traditional cuisine, which keeps the taste amazing and the calorie intake down. Whether it’s breakfast or dinner, you will find healthy options to help you keep nourishing your body throughout the day.

Creativity, self-esteem, and productivity are all affected by exercise and activity levels. While you’re on vacation at TVR there is plenty of downtime to kick your feet back by the poolside and take a nap, but there are also options to get you moving and your blood pumping. Between 8:00am-9:00pm there are consistent horseback rides, hikes, and mountain biking trips on the daily activity schedule. Participate in them all (that would be impressive) or take on one a day. Wellness programs have become such a craving for travelers these days, but in truth, we have been doing our version of ‘Western Wellness’ for decades. So remember there is no pressure, but at The Ranch, you have the ultimate combination to provide you with the vacation you crave.