Welcome to our Musings!!


What are these new "Musings?" Well, we are venturing into uncharted territories here.... our own western frontier,  if you will, stumbling our way into this new world of Social Media. Blogging is part of those new horizons. Blogging... Is it a journal? An article? A discussion? For us this blogging "thing" is all these and more. It is about the things we love here at Tanque Verde Ranch. Bob might write about the ranch in 1924 when guest ranching was in its infancy. I might explore how Charles Russell could have impacted Custer's battle. Steve might write about our worm farm, or the mechanics of driving a work horse. Whatever we write about will somehow relate to the ranch, but you can bet it will be as varied as the activities we offer here. Whatever we muse upon, it will be fun, educational, and hopefully interesting to our Fans. There are so many new and exciting happenings around the ranch. Our Musings are just one example. We hope you follow us here on our new blog. We look forward to hearing what you want to read about!

Warmest regards, Roni

p.s. Please be patient with us as we navigate this new terrain!