TVR’s New Team Building Activities: Combining Creativity, Culinary Skill and Teamwork

Adventures, At The Ranch

What better way to break the ice for team building than with our newest Salsa & Margarita Challenge or Chili Cook-off? Each team has a designated table equipped with the appropriate utensils. Participants can choose from a variety of ingredients to create their own signature features. The only portion we take care of is pouring the tequila for portion control.

Salsa Margarita Challenge
You don’t need to be Tom Cruise to make a killer ‘cocktail,’ but his flair could help. Choose from a variety of ingredients, juices, and simple syrups to create your own unique beverage. Glass style and garnish may be the final kick to set your cocktail apart from your competition. But don’t stop your creativity there and carry it over the salsa competition.

Whether teams want a kick to their salsa, they may choose to use habanero peppers or more of a sweet sensation they may want to use the prickly pear syrup. Either way, they can choose from an array of some of the most common salsa elements: lemon, lime, avocado, tomato, corn, cilantro, onion, garlic, chives, peppers, red pepper flakes, Mexican papaya, and more!

There is a twist to the competition, however. Not only are participants judged on taste and presentation, but also on the marketing proposal and sales pitch to the judges. Each team is given a blank flip chart and colored markers with which to tout their finished products. Your salsa dancing shoes aren’t required, but it may just be the deal breaker for the judges to give you a higher rating.

This new, fun, hands-on experience is great for team building as it gets the whole group involved. It’s recommended that a team captain delegates tasks. Cutting, slicing, and dicing all need to be accomplished. The creative ones can brainstorm ways to lure the judges on their marketing pitch—thinking of a salsa name, a logo, and the perfect description to their freshly made product.

Teams are given one hour depending on the size of the group. We require groups of at least 12 people and three teams minimum to partake. Enjoy the challenge while being outdoors. Music will play as the competition progresses and our chefs will help manage the groups and assist with any questions throughout the event. Did we mention that teams are able to taste, drink, and sample during the entire process of creation?

Each team presents their final product to a panel of three judges made up of our chefs. Each individual on the winning team will receive a famous Tanque Verde Ranch Red Apron that says “Tanque Verde Ranch Salsa Margarita Champion”.

Chili Cook-off
You think the Salsa Margarita Challenge seems fun? We also have a Chili Cook-off as a team-building activity as well. This experience is similar to the previous challenge as you compete with other teams and are judged on taste, presentation, and a creative marketing proposal. Sweet, spicy, or traditional—red, green, or white—you get to choose! Pick from a variety of ingredients to ‘stew’ up your original chili to win the bragging rights.

These fun events will not only enhance your group’s cooperation and decision-making skills but also will foster a team spirit. Sign up for any of these challenges next time your group is at the ranch by contacting one of our sales directors at 800-234-3833. By having your team at the ranch, you will find new camaraderie and a refreshed view on the challenges your company will face in the upcoming years.