Tap into TVR Fun

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Tanque Verde Ranch introduces TVR Fun; a digital concierge designed for you to take your vacation to a whole new level with a couple of clicks and your fingertips. With TVR Fun you can view your agenda, see dining options, see the weekly schedules for activities, sign-up for activities, and much more. TVR Fun enables you to plan with simplicity, so you don’t miss out on all we have to offer. Tap into TVRFun before and during your getaway to the Ranch to see how you can get the most from your stay.

Upon arrival to Tanque Verde Ranch feel free to start planning in-depth by visiting TVR Fun and exploring our 7-day activities schedule. Our activities schedule starts at 7:00 am and can go until 8:15 pm! Among our vast schedule, you’re bound to discover numerous amounts of fun that you’ll find adventurous and desirable. Want to sign up for the Mountain Adventure Bike Ride on Monday, the Guided Desert Hike on Wednesday, and the Loping Ride on Friday? Click, click, click, and you’re all set! Can’t remember the times and days of the activities that you signed up for? No problem! Just go to your agenda in TVR Fun to see your detailed itinerary. Sign-up for as many activities as your schedule will allow. And do it early to guarantee your spot! Actively rely on TVR Fun before and during your stay to be updated on information for your itinerary and the Ranch.

Tanque Verde Ranch has taken the stand to make your reservations easier than ever before. Table for four in the Main Dining Room, please? Absolutely! After you make the reservations with a simple click, explore a sample menu! Are you wondering about taking a stroll down to the Cottonwood Grove for the Cowboy Cookout? Find the hours and pricing listed under ‘Dining’. See information on breakfast and lunch buffet options, as well as information on the Doghouse Saloon. Don’t miss out on each unique dining option we have available for you to savor and experience

In this world full of social media and technology we know how important it is to stay on top of everything and to share your best moments with your friends and family. On TVR Fun there are social media buttons that will easily navigate you to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare, and WordPress. We encourage you to use the hashtag #TVRFUN when posting during your stay to express your adventures and let us see all the fun you’re having at Tanque Verde Ranch. See your #TVRFUN post on our website!

TVR Fun will continue to answer any questions you have while on vacation at the Ranch. Are you lost, but have your phone handy? Pull up a ‘Resort Map’ to find out where you are and where you need to go. Worried about the weather? See the ‘Tucson Weather’ icon for temperatures and conditions. Do you want to explore Tucson but don’t know where to go or who to contact? Visit the ‘Tucson Attractions’ button to be directed to a whole platform of answers.

Our guests and staff are currently using TVR Fun, and the feedback is remarkable. The growth and opportunities that are to come on the web page are tremendous. You can only expect more to come from it in the future. TVR Fun is a great tool that will help you discover what it is that you’re looking for, and how to plan accordingly for you and the whole family. Tanque Verde Ranch is ready to take you on your perfect adventure, whether it be on a saddle, a mountain bike, a chair for a delicious and unforgettable dinner, or an adventurous hike through the beautiful Saguaro Desert, TVR Fun is sure to get you there.