Top Off-site Hiking in Tucson Locations

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Tanque Verde Falls

A moderate day trip hike filled with exciting sights, and a beautiful waterfall at the end. Take a refreshing swim before you head back!

Location: 14999 Redington Road Tucson, Arizona 85748
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Duration of Hike: 2-hours Roundtrip
Distance of Hike: 1.8 Miles Roundtrip
Distance from Tanque Verde Ranch: 7.3 Miles
Description: Tanque Verde Falls path consists of big steps throughout the trail, filled with rocks, small rapids, streams, trees and wildlife. Experience a trail of streaming water and mini falls along the way. Once you get to the Tanque Verde Falls you will find one big waterfall that streams down into a big open pool surrounded by mountainous rock. Take a swim! It’ll be refreshing and one of the best experiences ever!


Seven Falls

With a couple of different options to hike the Seven Falls Trail - You’re able to plan for a short day trip or a long day trip hike to see the beautiful cascading falls that sit in a valley of rocky mountains. Don’t forget your suit to enjoy the natural springs.

Please note that this is a seasonal waterfall and is usually only running after a heavy rainfall or throughout the August Monsoon season.

Location: 5700 N Sabino Canyon Road Tucson, AZ 85748
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate
Distance of Hike: 8.2 Miles Roundtrip or 5 Miles Roundtrip
Distance from Tanque Verde Ranch: 14.8 miles
Description: The beautiful 8.2-mile (if starting from the Visitor Center) trail follows multiple trickling streams that lead to a final destination of rocky waterfalls and natural pools. On your way see the beauty of mountainous landscapes and rolling cacti. It is very popular to bring your bathing suit to jump in and cool down after your hike. But DON’T WORRY if you don’t want to hike the whole 8.2 miles. The Sabino Canyon Recreational Area provides a tram that runs on an hourly schedule and will cut 3+ miles off the hike. The tram ride is $3. There is also a $5 parking pass at the Visitor’s Center. There are many different ways to experience this once-in-a-lifetime hike.
Map: The Visitors Center has maps for you to plan your hike, but along the entire route there are directional signs that tell you where to go, and how much distance is left until you reach the falls.

Please review The Sabino Canyon Recreational Area to get familiarized with what you can expect for your hiking trip.

Briadalwreath falls

Bridal Wreath Falls

This trail is great for the beginner hiker as well as for someone who wishes to take in a lot of different scenery from grassy hills to rocky, desert terrain. Better yet, a beautiful waterfall at the end.

Please note that this is a seasonal waterfall and is usually only running after a heavy rain fall or throughout the August Monsoon season.

Location: 14306 E Speedway Blvd Tucson, AZ 85748 (Starting point is Douglas Spring Trailhead)
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Distance of Hike: 5.5 Miles Roundtrip
Distance from Tanque Verde Ranch: 6.9 Miles
Description: This is a perfect hike for more inexperienced hiking hunters. However, the hike starts off fairly easy with flat plains but after about a half mile begins to descend into mountains and will have you stepping up and down over big boulders, so be sure to be prepared with clothing and shoes. As the terrain varies so will your sights. Take in grassy fields of vegetation. Then come up to the mountains with lots of saguaro and barrel cacti. Also, keep your eyes out for the occasional wildlife sightings. End your route at a beautiful waterfall. This trail is easily marked and can easily be navigated.


Aspen to Marshall Gulch Loop

Location: Marshall Gulch Picnic Area, Mt Lemmon, AZ 85619
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Distance of Hike: 4.4 Mile Loop
Distance from Tanque Verde Ranch: 34.7 miles
Description: This hike is in the Aspen Forest of Tucson - here, the temps stay on the cooler side, making this a great hike for a summer day. This is around a 4.4-mile loop through a heavily forested area with mountain views. The trail isn’t too difficult, but it is at such a high altitude that it can make it seem a little more difficult. Be sure to stop at the Windy Point Vista at about 7,000 ft alongside the highway on the way back. Throughout the trek plan to see beautiful big trees, winding creeks, wildlife, and great mountainous views.


Hutch’s Pool

Plan for a day or half a day trip hike to Hutch’s Pool. See beautiful canyon views from any way you go. Alas, you will find the beautiful, natural pool filled with refreshing water.
Location: 5900 N Sabino Canyon Road Tucson, Arizona 85701
Difficulty Level: Easy
Distance of Hike: 7.8 miles Round Trip from Visitors Center
Distance from Tanque Verde Ranch: 14.8 Miles
Description: Perfect hike for a half day adventure. Once you reach Hutch’s Pool put your toes in to feel the fresh-cold mountain water in the swimming hole. Then soak up the sun on the warm rocks. See beautiful views of the Canyon the whole way. You can either choose to walk up the dirt road (4 miles) or take the $10 tram from the Visitors Center and take stop #9. From there it is only a 2.5-mile hike to Sabino Canyon into the basin. Once you make your way to the basin, take the West Fork trail for 1.6 miles and you’ll find the fun, and refreshing Hutch’s Pool.


Valley View Overlook Trail

For those looking to see what hiking is all about this trail is the PERFECT start. In less than a mile you will be able to hike among creeks, see flowing water, and take in an abundance of cacti and mountainous views.
Location: Valley View Overlook Trail Hohokam Road, Tucson, AZ 85745
Difficulty Level: Easy
Distance of Hike: .8 Miles
Distance from Tanque Verde Ranch: 32 Miles
Description: The Valley View Overlook is the perfect ‘quick’ hike for those who want to experience the views and trails in a short time. Walk across washes and see huge ocotillos and prickly pear cacti. The trail will lead up and down into the flowing or trickling washes (depending on what time of year it is) and then up the mountain to a gorgeous overlook.


Tanque Verde Ridge Trail

If you are looking for a more advanced hike with beautiful scenery this is it!

Location: East Cactus Forest Drive Tucson, Arizona 85748
Difficulty Level: Difficult
Distance of Hike: 13.8 Miles
Distance from Tanque Verde Ranch: 9 Miles
Description: The Tanque Verde Ridge Trail is described as a steep hike and should only be taken by advanced hikers. You can expect to see all kinds of desert vegetation through the year along with trickling water to flowing streams depending on the rainfall and the time of year. Tanque Verde Ridge Trail begins in Saguaro National Park East. To start, go to the SNP Headquarters off the Old Spanish Trail, then to Javalina Picnic Area where the trail begins.  The trail climbs along a ridgeline with beautiful views down both sides of the Rincon Mountains.