Trail Dust Off-Road Jeep Tours Now Entertaining Tanque Verde Ranch Guests

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When the summer sun starts to heat up in the lush desert of Tucson, it can be difficult to find something fun and memorable to do with your family or loved one. One suggestion is to take the new open-air jeep tours to Mt. Lemmon where you will find amazing views, a quaint little town at the summit and is usually around 20 degrees cooler. And our friends from Trail Dust will escort you to the top.


Explore Mt. Lemmon

Named ‘The Best Jeep Tour Company in Arizona’, Trail Dust Off-Road Tours will pick you up right at the Tanque Verde Ranch parking lot. Open-aired jeep tours are just the thing to do during the hot months in the Arizona desert. Enjoy the cooling breeze as you venture through all kinds of premier destinations along the route up to Mt. Lemmon. The tourist destination is also known as The Mount Lemmon Scenic Byway, The Catalina Highway, or the Sky Islands Scenic Byway and is located in the Coronado National Forest just north of Tucson. The trek up the mountain will have you stopping at the several scenic ‘look-out’ locations. This adventure is the best way to experience the beauty of the Tucson tundra from way up high.


Be picked up at Tanque Verde Ranch and enjoy a 36-mile-ride ascension. Start the tour climbing through crisscrossing foothills and rocky valleys. Keep on going up the byway, and you will see an abundance of greenery and pines trees. To the top, you will go where you will reach 9,159 feet. As you can imagine, the views are stunning and incredible in the open-air cab. Along the way, there are various stops that you can pull over, get out of the jeep, and take in the beauty. Be sure to bring your camera!


Explore Windy Vista Point

The Trail Dust Tour guides have an educational background in Arizona history, geology, flora and fauna, and ancient Native American facts and folklore. Be entertained by the guides as they will educate you on all different kinds of aspects of the trip. The tour will stop at Mt. Lemmon’s Windy Vista Point. Located about 3/4 the way to the top, Windy Vista Point hosts spectacular views and exploration space to get out and take a little adventure.

Explore Summerhaven

After you have explored Windy Vista Point, you will continue to make your way to the top of Mt. Lemmon, where you will find the small town of Summerhaven. Here, you will be able to get out, explore trails, and get some ice cream or the gigantic cookies found at the Mt. Lemmon Cookie Cabin or shop at the well-known General Store and Gift Shop.

Make the trek in your jeep back down the mountain and home to your starting point at Tanque Verde Ranch. Throughout your tour can expect to see an abundance of wildlife, cacti, aerial panoramic views, and more. Be sure to take advantage of this prime activity for hot Arizona summer days. Take in the coolness of the mountain by Off-road Jeep Tours!

The Jeep Tours at Tanque Verde Ranch by Trail Dust Off Road occur every Tuesday and Friday from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM. You will depart from the top of Mt. Lemmon at about 4:15 and stop several times on the way back down and then dropped off at your starting point at Tanque Verde Ranch. We ask that you please sign up 24 hours in advance. A minimum of 3 people is required to reserve a jeep tour excursion. Pricing is $100 per person for the jeep ride, tour, and a light snack. Please remember to bring sunglasses, a light jacket, water, and sunscreen.