The Diary of Golden Eye – A Lake Tail

A Lake Tail It is safe to say that Golden Eye has thoroughly been enjoying his days at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert. With the abundance of new activities and new friends, life was pretty great for him, though Golden Eye had yet to step “hoof” into Lake Hubert. Coming from a desert landscape surrounding in Tucson, Arizona, Lake Hubert seems to be humongous! Golden Eye had never seen so much water in his entire life. That being said, he also didn’t know how to swim. Several of Golden Eye’s friends signed up for waterfront activities one afternoon and, interested in experiencing it for himself, he decided to join his friends and sign up too. He was so excited for an entire afternoon of learning how to swim, canoeing, and other fun-filled water activities. Golden eye worried thought that he made a mistake in signing up for waterfront activities, but with constant encouragement from the counselors and his friends, he realized that he had nothing to lose. laketale2 First up on the list: learning how to swim. After going reviewing the buddy system, rules of the Waterfront, and a few basic techniques to get over his fear of water, Golden Eye inched his way into the water until he could barely stand without leaving the lake bottom. Although he was nervous, Golden Eye began to tread water. He did it! He swam in Lake Hubert, conquered his fear of water, and got a refreshing bath at the same time! Golden Eye loved the cool water and didn’t want to get out. If only Arizona had lakes like Lake Hubert near Tanque Verde Ranch, Golden Eye would go swimming all the time. Later that afternoon, Golden Eye was so comfortable in the and around the water that he confidently took advantage of the other amazing activities offered at the Waterfront including Windsurfing and the Zip Line!  Once he got all tired out for the day from swimming and playing in the water, Golden Eye thought that he should have tried to overcome his fear of water much sooner. If it were not for the supportive and knowledgeable staff at Camp Lake Hubert, Golden Eye would not have been able to feel so confident in the water at first. What an amazing experience in the cool, refreshing water of Lake Hubert!  Golden Eye knew that he was going to remember that afternoon for a long time, and whenever it got really hot in Tuscon, Golden Eye would close his golden eyes and remember the fun times had in Lake Hubert.  Perhaps next summer Golden Eye would try to sail and run the Water Weenie! << Previous Golden Eye Post                      Next Golden Eye Post >>