The Culinary Cowboy

12winter_ben While Tanque Verde Ranch is known to be the best Dude Ranch in Arizona, they also are known for their excellent culinary team and exquisite culinary adventures. Executive Chef Benjamin Drury, has been creating his signature hearty, ranch-styled food since 2011 and says the best is yet to come. He attributes his southwestern, comfort-style cooking to his grandmother, who was also known to utilize all ingredients available when creating a dish. Chef Drury grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and after relocating several times during his adolescence, graduated high school in San Antonio Texas before attending Le Cordon Bleu in Austin, Texas. Drury’s culinary team aims to make their guests’ experience at the ranch unforgettable not only in the food, but  also equally important, in the relationships formed among employees and guests during meals. “Each new day and atmosphere provides an opportunity to create something new and better for our guests,” said Drury. The collaborative efforts between Drury’s culinary team and the Ranch’s Food and Beverage Manager, Brenna Cote, have resulted in a re-vamp movement for both the food and overall dining experience to become more “guest-focused.”  An ever-changing daily menu, specialty items based on what’s in season or bloom, family style seating and being known on a first name basis are all standards at the ranch. With a cowboy hat on his head, bacon tattoo on his arm and a passion for creating authentic ranch styled food, Chef Drury is sure to rope in your taste buds and keep you coming back for more.