Tempeh Bolognese Recipe from Tanque Verde's All-New Dinner Menu


Tempeh Bolognese Recipe from Tanque Verde’s All-New Dinner Menu

The all-new dinner menu at Tanque Verde Ranch features the Tempeh Bolognese, and you get the recipe! Chef Justin Macy and his culinary team have come up with this delicious vegetarian dish that is a good, hearty meal with bold, savory flavors. This meal will appeal to vegans and meat lovers alike! It is great to make for just one or to serve the whole family. In the Tempeh Bolognese dish, you can taste Italian heritage with the zestful ingredients. The garlic, onion, and fire-roasted tomatoes slowly simmered with spices, and tossed with Fettuccini is sure to make for a warm, and tasty meal. Better write this one down in the recipe book and share it with your friends and family! Or don’t–you might be the best new chef in town! Don’t have time to make it? Come down to the Tanque Verde Ranch for dinner and try it! Make reservations now!

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