Team Building at The Ranch


For some companies team building is considered one of their best investments. This investment is good for building trust, mitigating conflicts, encouraging communication and increasing collaboration. When team building is effective, it engages employees to interact and is good for company culture. It doesn’t have to be a forced activity or games in the office. Instead try something outside their ‘wheelhouse.’  That’s why Tanque Verde Ranch is the perfect option to get your team out of their chairs and engaging with programs designed to improve relationships, which will improve your bottom line.

Tanque Verde Ranch is known as one of the premier dude ranches in the area for families and couples to enjoy a relaxing stay with a taste of western lifestyle. Besides families and couples, we have made large strides to accommodate large groups from social circles, clubs and large business groups. In order to create a more personal atmosphere and have plenty of options for team building between friends and co-workers we have many activities that that focus on several different goals. At the Ranch it is important that our team building practices improves companies by doing the following.

  1. Motivate employees
  2. Promote creativity
  3. Develop problem-solving skills
  4. Break barriers
  5. Facilitate communication

The overall the goal of our Team Building programs is to improve relationships. So what are your team building options?

At The Ranch, we have 171 horses and have used this as an advantage to create unique ways for your company to enjoy the desert while working on team building. From our relaxing breakfast ride that takes you on a quick tour of the desert, to one of our more challenging and popular events, Team Penning. This popular activity demands that a group work together cohesively and smoothly. Animals don’t always want to listen, but neither do humans—so this challenge sets the bar a little higher. A team will start in a corral where they have to work as a team with colleagues and guide cows into a pen on the other side of the corral. This is not easy task, but it is fun and challenging.

If you want tot take a break from riding, we have Guided Jeep Tours that take you through 60,000 acres of the Saguaro National Forest right in our back door. It is a great time to take a load off you feet, drive through the desert in some shade and see the ‘live desert’ in action. With our own version of a ‘western safari’ you and your party answer small trivia questions and hunt for artifacts like Fool’s Gold and possibly a true arrowhead! If you’re interested in a bit of a workout, we also have Guided Nature Walks and Guided Bike Tours with equipment available on site.

Taking an afternoon off from the desert and staying on premises is never a bad idea as well! We have plenty of space for large groups to play tennis or pickleball as well as volleyball, horseshoe pits, basketball and more. For some more competitive fun, we have our Salsa and Margarita Challenge. Once teams are created, come up with the best Western salsa dish and margaritas—complete with fresh ingredients! From Hot Air Balloon Rides to Fishing Tournaments, we have so many options to pull your team together in some fun and challenging programs.

It is proven that healthy competition and creative thinking with others helps build healthy relationships. These relationships are more likely to endure productive criticism with a positive attitude, giving your team the best results possible. With so many options to break the ice with new colleagues and establish deeper relationships Tanque Verde Ranch is a great spot for you and your coworkers to have a great retreat. Morning, noon or night in the Sonoran Desert is sure to captivate your soul and enrich the senses. Whether it is square dancing at our Cottonwood Grove or enjoying a delicious meal in the sunset, it is a great place to get the rest and relaxation needed.

To find out more what we have to offer your team, contact our Sales Manager Nina Baird at 520-731-5578 / 866-425-3833 or email her at Hope to see you soon!