Shaping up Lake Corchran

When going on vacation in Arizona, most likely you’re not going to expect to have a fresh water source near by. Arizona is better known for it’s dry heat, and beautiful deserts than it is fresh water and fishing holes. That is why Tanque Verde’s Lake Corchran is a unique asset to the already amazing property and a site that you are not likely to find in the area. However, there has been a struggle getting the lake to it’s full potential. Being that we are located in Arizona, the formation of clear, populated lakes does not occur easily on its own. In the past we have tried many remedies to dilute the mucky water of Lake Corchran, and after plenty of trial and error, the solution has been discovered. After trying every “snake oil treatment” we knew in order to improve fish habitats, we finally went to an expert to address the problem and discovered the real problem: muck. With an overabundance of muck gathering at the bottom of the lake it made it difficult for anything to grow. In order to make way for a fish habitat, or weeds, to form, it’s important to break down the muck. But, just like trees are necessary to keep our oxygen clean, weeds are important to keeping the lake clean and clear for fish to strive in and to help develop structure. Once we discovered the problem, our next step was figuring out how to defeat the muck problem, Microbes. These are a highly concentrated blend of bacteria. This bacterium, that is so small that 1 million of them can fit into the eye of a needle, loves to feed on muck and algae. Therefore, we treat Lake Corchran with 8-ounce doses, containing over a billion microbes, once a month. By treating Lake Corchran these treatment doses it allows these little miracle workers to absorb the excess nutrients, break down the muck and dissipate the unnecessary sediment gathering at the bottom of the lake. As a result of these treatments, the water is clearer and the weeds are sprouting, creating an ample environment where the fish population can thrive in. With an amble living environment for the fish, we wanted to add to the experience of Lake Corchran. We have recently repopulated the fish community with a variety of Large Mouth Bass, Bluegills, Sunfish, Channel Cats, Tilapia and Mosquito fish. By adding a couple thousand fish, the opportunities will be fruitful. So get out your fishing gear and bring your family down to the lake at Tanque Verde Ranch because there’s nothing like seeing your kid reel in a fish with their eyes full of excitement. It’s not very often you get to experience the heat of the Arizona air while dropping your line in the water waiting for a bite. So head out the Lake Corchran at Tanque Verde Ranch to experience this beautiful lake in the middle of the desert. To learn more about Tanque Verde Ranch and see other beautiful spots nestled on the ranch, visit