Savor the Flavor of the Ranch: Mozzarella and Tomato-Basil Caprese Flatbread


There’s something about flatbreads that everyone loves. Maybe it’s because it is very similar to pizza or because the options of toppings are endless. Either way, it’s light and fluffy and delicious for a quick appetizer, lunch, and definitely dinner.

This spring, our very own Doghouse Saloon is featuring Chef Macy’s latest addition to the Bar Menu to celebrate the season. His Mozzarella and Tomato-Basil Caprese Flatbread is made with freshly prepared ingredients perfect for that light but fulfilling appetite for spring.

This flatbread is made starting with the homemade basic flatbread dough, which is made with a combination of semonlina flour and wheat flour. Semonlina flour is a coarsely ground grain made from wheat. Including semonlina in your diet reaps many health benefits with its high nutrient content.

Another main component in our flatbread is our herb pesto. Traditionally pesto is made with fresh basil, garlic and parmesan but can be made with a variety of fresh herbs and leafy greens. Our herb pesto contains a mix of fresh basil, oregano and roasted garlic mixed with roasted pumpkin seeds, olive oil, vegetable stock and salt and pepper. Pesto generally keeps well and is perfect on more than just flatbread, so be creative with this flavor!

Last but definitely not least, our drink pairing for the tasty delight is our Prickly Pear Lemon Drop Martini. Vibrant in color, this drink matches well with the changing of the season and the blooming of the cacti. Prickly pears take the perfect Lemon Drop martini to the next level with its slightly tropical and intensely refreshing flavor.

So if you can’t visit us this spring, try these amazing flavors so at least you can feel like you’re back home at the ranch!

Want the recipes? Click below and enjoy!