Cote Elected President of the Dude Ranch Association

The People of TVR

Our very own Rita Cote, general manager at Tanque Verde Ranch, has been elected President of the Dude Ranch Association (DRA). The DRA represents over 100 of the best Dude Ranch and Guest Ranch vacations in the West. It was formed in 1926 to preserve the spirit of the West and the beauty of the wilderness.

Membership in the association is a rigorous two-year inspection and approval process, to ensure that guests are treated to genuine western hospitality with the lodging industry’s highest standards. Rita has been on the board for fourteen years and became president in January.

“It is an honor to not only be elected as president of the DRA,” said Cote, “but also be elected as the third woman president in its 91-year history. It is a great honor and accomplishment.”

The DRA was founded to preserve, protect, and promote its unique vacation experience and its identity. Though guest expectations have changed, the core principles remain horses, hats, hospitality, heritage, honesty, and heart.

Horses are central to any dude ranch experience. Tanque Verde Ranch offers a variety of trails and riding experiences for all ages and experience levels.

Hats symbolize the special emphasis on the Western atmosphere and appearance. The ranch offers a variety of southwestern-style tastes throughout the resort. From the luxury of your room and being in the presence of the Sonoran desert, to the exquisite culinary adventure and cuisine the ranch offers, you are sure to get the ultimate dude ranch experience.

Hospitality ensures a genuine Western welcome. It has been a strong tradition at Tanque Verde Ranch that our staff has team spirit and is dedicated to providing the highest quality service to guests.

Heritage is a principle that explains the ranch’s unique relationship with its guests. The DRA states that dude ranch vacations began as long stays in which a relationship was developed. They encourage long stays for guests to experience the full western atmosphere.

Honesty is the fifth principle of the DRA. As a member, each ranch should be performing all business decisions with integrity and honesty.

And lastly, Heart. The DRA wants your ranch to have a heart for developing friendships with your guests. Tanque Verde Ranch truly encompasses this trait. We have guests who come every year. We want to go out of our way to make a great, lasting friendship with everyone who stays with us.

“These six H’s are the principles and foundations that are executed each and every day through the operations of Tanque Verde Ranch.” said Rita, “As one of America’s old time ranches our objective is to give you the ultimate western dude ranch experience.”

So next time you are down here, make sure you say ‘congrats’ to our new PODRA (President of  DRA) Rita and thanks for preserving a true ranch experience.