Ride on Air

Ride On Air Every October through April, hot air balloons will become a usual sight to see in the early morning Arizona sky, especially those from Fleur de Tucson. If you’re looking for a fall adventure, look to the skies! Fleur de Tucson Hot Air Balloons has been providing exceptional flights over the Tucson Mountains and Saguaro National Park since 1985.  Each journey is equipped with leather seats for those that prefer not to stand for the duration of 3 hours and they can hold up to five people. The ride is unique, combining low-level views as low as 500 feet of the beautiful desert landscape and spectacular panoramas from higher elevations up to 2,500 feet.  On most of their flights numerous wildlife have been spotted, including javelina, deer, bobcats, rabbits, foxes and red-tailed hawks. Each flight landing is celebrated with a delicious continental brunch and premium champagne, which is an old French tradition. Dating back to 1783, French aeronauts would offer champagne to calm the laborers who were startled by the "firebreathing monster" which was seen descending from the sky. During your flight, you will be able to learn more about the history of hot air ballooning, receive digital pictures of your ride, and a frame-able flight certificate. Fleur de Tucson is family owned and operated.  Mike Fleury has been FAA certified for over 32 years.  Mike was the key-grab winner at the 1999 Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, competing against 850 other balloonists! He has accumulated over 2,700 hours, flying throughout the United Stated and France. They have been featured on the Animal Planet’s Jeff Corwin Arizona Experience, Fodor’s Arizona Travel Guide and Frommer’s Guidebook just to name a few. Tanque Verde Ranch is excited to offer this exciting adventure to it’s guests for just $250 per person. A complimentary shuttle will be provided to and from Fleur de Tucson and for larger groups, it can be arranged to have Fleur de Tucson take off from the resort grounds. Click here to get a sneak peek of what it will be like to ride in a hot air balloon this fall! For more information on the Fleur de Tucson Hot Air Balloons, click here.