Renovations to Rooms, Bathrooms, and Horse Pens

As time has passed in the last couple of years, we have taken guest feedback very seriously and turned them into potential plans for renovations. Every phone call, email, comment on social media, and review from past guests; we have been listening to everyone intently. This year in 2017, we are thrilled to announce all the different renovations coming to Tanque Verde Ranch. With new and improved bathrooms, room updates, and a new, ultimate Corral Shade-Roof for our horses, we are building onto our Ranch, and expanding on hospitality.  

Bathroom Renovations

Tanque Verde Ranch has reached out to Craig Green, owner of Cactus Kitchen and Bath in Tucson, Arizona. His team is currently underway breaking ground on several guest rooms. We expect 44 bathrooms to be renovated by December 15th, 2017. As of today, there are already seven bathrooms complete of the 51 guest rooms that will be renovated this year. We expect our Hacienda Room bathroom renovations to begin in 2018.

The process of hauling out the old and building up the new has been extraordinary. The new guest bathrooms at this property will include a rustic yet luxurious design. Along with the appeal of modern amenities, the interior color scheme will act as an oasis against the desert surroundings. This combination of elements will create a sense of excitement and relaxation for every guest. All the bathtubs are being removed and replaced with beautiful, earthy-tiled, walk-in showers. The bathrooms also include farmhouse sinks that add excitement and drama. The counters have shiny, granite slates for tops. By partially opening up the shower walls and omitting the bathtubs we can create a space that truly captures the look and feel our guests love.

Guest Room Renovations

Let’s not forget your restful sleep. All new mattresses were ordered, delivered, and installed for every unit. Because after a long day’s ride—nothing beats a great night’s rest.

Horse Pen Renovations

Our guests aren’t the only ones who are excited about our upgrades. This month our construction begins on our all-new Corral Shade-Roof for our horses. With temperatures sometimes rising over 100 degrees and over 120 horses, we thought it to be most important to build more shade for our hard-working mammals. Although most of our Arizona-raised friends are used to the weather here, there’s nothing better on a hot day than a nice, cool place to relax.

The Corral Shade Roof is being installed over the main holding pen. This pen is the first you see when you walk onto our front lawn. The construction is set to begin in September and will be finished by the end of October. Not only will the horses be kept in the shade away from the Arizona sun, but the horses will also have shelter from the occasional rain. It will keep them dry as well as the ground which will prevent them from standing in mud. When horses stand in mud for long periods of time, it can cause issues and problems with their hooves. We cannot wait to get our Corral Shade Roof finished and ready for our horses. After all, they deserve it!

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