Ranch Refresh Project

car3 Summer has been anything but quiet at Tanque Verde Ranch. As part of the 2014 “Ranch Refresh” Project, there have been several improvements to not only our facilities, but more importantly our units and rooms. The Ranch is excited to announce that now every single room at the ranch has new carpeting. Several rooms have new energy efficient sliding doors and there are now plenty of outlets to plug in all the electronic gear each of us tends to carry when we travel. The ranch has received truckloads of new furniture thanks to Carmen Petitti owner of Que Bonita in Tucson; even the Road Runner area has new furniture and windows. chairs The Haciendas have several new amenities that boast of not only authentic comforts, but also a unique story behind each piece of furniture. They not only offer new leather furniture, but also hammered copper top tables, custom-made from across the border in Mexico. The Tarahumara live in remote villages high in the Sierra Madre Mountains, handcrafted the chairs used within the Haciendas. One of the most fascinating facts about these chairs is that each came out of the mountains on the back of donkeys before arriving to the ranch. The Tarahumara People or Raramuri Indians (loosely translated as "running people,") are not only known to make quality chairs, but they are better known for their long-distance running ability – barefoot. Click here to watch a Discovery Channel Documentary on the Raramuri Indians of northwestern Mexico. Nearly a half million dollars has now been spent in 2014 to renovate and remodel several buildings, facilities, and guest units on-site. This past spring, the Doghouse Saloon underwent a $35,000 facelift with new deck furniture, fresh paint, a new stereo and hanging glass racks. The ranch also purchased a dozen new horses and brand new catering equipment. Tanque Verde welcomes you to come experience the new and improved ranch.