When Nightfall Arrives, Old Tucson Comes Alive

This is not your average haunted house – rather - it’s the ultimate haunted town! At nightfall, you will have the opportunity to entomb yourself into terrifying sights, sounds, live shows, disturbing haunts, and much more! Nightfall at Old Tucson Studios will open its gates September 27th and provide thrills and scares every weekend until October 31st. The formerly wide-open space of Old Tucson ‘welcoming guests’ is gone. Be prepared to be scared. Throughout the night you’ll have to be on your highest guard, as the creatures and villains of Nightfall are not confined to the houses, but rather will be found lurking in the streets. You may see an insane clown, or a mad man with a chainsaw as you make your way through the haunted town. There is not only one, but multiple haunted houses that are rated at different scare levels, so both those who want a real scare and those faint of heart can all enjoy the excitement found inside the houses. The haunted town also offers several live shows for guests to enjoy. They range from from magical acts to horror, providing the perfect, engaging entertainment for the whole family. On your way out don’t be shocked if you see two talking gargoyles poking fun at guests. These infamous gargoyles have become local favorites and are sure to make you laugh as they heckle the crowd. “Each year my friends and I make at least one trip to Nightfall,” says Tanque Verde Ranch's Casey Numetko. “It is truly worthy of a journey and is two to three hours of fun. Even though it’s about a 30-minute drive from the ranch, it is worth a trip for those seeking a thrill and scare of a lifetime.” Nightfall does carry a disclaimer on their website which states “Warning: Due to the subject matter and realism of Nightfall, this event may not be and most likely is not appropriate for younger people.” But if you’re looking for a fright-filled evening while your at the ranch this fall, look no further than Nightfall. For more information, click here.