New Winter Activities

At The Ranch

Fun, traditional, and engaging—these are a few words that describe the new activities at Tanque Verde Ranch this season. The Ranch does an excellent job and channeling the roots of its origin, and continues to do so by bringing in the old as something new.  New activities this year include leatherworking, the Adventure Coyote program, and weaving dreamcatchers.

Take a leather working class with our seasoned vets. These leather workers will show their trade and invite guests to join in a leather workshop where they can make their own genuine leather belts.

Belts 2

This process is complete with picking the shape of the belt, embossing it with anything of your choice, decorating, staining, and buffing the belt.  Finally, like the cherry on top, pick the buckle of choice and your belt is complete. Throughout the process, the leather workers serve as supervision and help as you need it.  This belt is your project, they are just there to have fun and help you along the way.  It truly is a unique experience to be able to personalize and create your own souvenir while visiting TVR.

Recently, Charlie Onehorse, born in Mexico, has added the Tanque Verde activity list.  Onehorse is the director of Adventure Coyote, a program that takes groups into the Arizona Desert.  He learned most of his traditions from his grandmother and the various tribes he has worked with throughout his life. Venture with Onehorse into the desert for hiking, camping, tours, and Rites of Passage programs to have an authentic experience that will make you feel like you have traveled back in time.

Charlie Onehorse also leads a class on weaving dreamcatchers.  Learn from his roots how to create a native dream catcher that you can take with you to hang in your home and forever have the memory of your Tanque Verde Ranch experience. It is said in Native American lore, that the night is filled with both good and bad dreams. When a catcher is hung near your bed, it will catch dreams as they pass through. Good dreams know how to pass through, but bad dreams cannot pass and get caught and perish with the morning sun. Either way, you will be able to create a fantastic keepsake during your stay.

These new activities have been so popular we are adding more all the time. Check them out during your next stay and begin to create some new souvenirs, adventures, and memories.