Transport to the Mountaintop via Desert Jeep

Be transported into the Sonoran Desert by a four-wheel, open-air Jeep for an outdoor adventure ride of a lifetime. Our new Desert Jeep Tour offers an invigorating experience of the Sonoran Desert and Rincon Mountains that you can’t get anywhere else. Our guests can be assured of an informative and exhilarating adventure. This unique venture into the desert enables you to gain a “hands on” perspective of the desert while enjoying the thrill of the ride. Each jeep can hold up to six people and is suited with seatbelts (that you are going to need). Start the journey through the desert seeing the lush cactus and wildlife on the jerky trail up the mountain. Then the adventure continues as you wind up the side of the mountain through some hair-raising trails. Varying heights and beautiful scenery await you while you climb to one of the mountain tops for a view of a lifetime. Recent guest, Rylie Heilman, was able to experience this ride. “It was amazing to see the increase of vegetation and amount of desert flowers everywhere as we climbed. By the time we made it to the top, we just wanted to stay and explore. The view was breathtaking.” Once to the top, take a little hike and see the wonders and of course take a few photos. The ride back down the mountain is just as fun. Not only are these rides available for our guests for a nominal fee, but for our business and conference guests this is an exciting team building event and ideal way to spend a morning or afternoon away from the conference room enjoying the Arizona sunshine. On a team building desert rally, each Jeep forms a team (up to six People) to navigate the trail and answer desert trivia questions. Each team will then compete in such sporting events as archery, roping and horseshoe pitching, while attempting to keep an average time and find the trail boss at the finish line. The Jeep Rally will start out at Tanque Verde Ranch. The tour begins in the ranch’s own back yard as each Jeep climbs up into the Rincon Mountains. An informative quiz is taken by each vehicle and the results are added to the overall score of the rally. This rally can be personalized with trivia questions about your company or organization with history and information you provide. Whether you’re a guest or a group, you will relish the outdoor scenery in the Sonoran Desert with expert guides and a great adventure.