Mountain Biking at the Ranch

12winter_mtbike Experience the rush of exploring Southwestern terrain on a full-suspension mountain bike! Bring your own or use ours! There are over 600 acres of Sonoran desert riddled with over 7 miles of private, single-track mountain biking trails offering any skill-leveled rider a truly unique and enjoyable ride. Depending on your desired terrain, the ranch offers anything from flat, straight and sandy to rocky, uphill and curvy. Our trained staff will provide step-by-step instruction for beginner mountain bikers and can even teach the more advanced riders excellent tips to help maximize their ride on higher elevated desert trails. For those who need it, we provide a high performance, full-suspension bike perfectly fit to you, along with gear which includes a helmet, gloves (available in an abundance of sizes) and of course, water bottles. There is also a Pump Track that allows riders to coast through a track on their bike using momentum generated from their arms and legs. Click here to watch a typical ride through the pump track! If you enjoy exploring beyond the 600 acres of Sonoran dessert, there are also many off-site opportunities for mountain biking. The Tucson Valley is surrounded by five Mountain Ranges with over 400 miles of trails. Two of the five trails can be accessed directly from the Ranch, with the other three only a short drive away. Explore and ride during the day and use the Ranch as your base camp at night. Mountain biking is offered multiple days a week at the Ranch, while the guided offsite rides can be scheduled upon request. For more information, email