LeighAnn Kindberg – The Tanque Verde Sweetheart

LeighAnn Kindberg Tanque Verde’s LeighAnn Kingberg has been the Director of Revenue Management and Reservations for almost six years and has played many roles at the Ranch in years prior, but most guests recognize her as the cheerful cowgirl that always takes their phone call reservation. When guests arrive, she greets with hugs and wears a constant smile. She’s known for remembering past guests on not only a first name basis, but more importantly she can determine a person by solely his or her voice. LeighAnn spent much of her childhood in the Tucson area until moving to Seattle at the age of 12. She graduated from Shorecrest High School in Seattle and continued her education at the University of Washington, where she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Business and Public Administration. From the age of 14 she worked retail for Bon Marche but emphasized her “heart was truly in the hospitality industry.” In fact, she had always dreamed of not only working as an executive at a resort, but also owning one. After graduation, she began her hospitality journey at the Westin Hotel where she spent six years as a reservationist and eventually worked her way up to the Reservations Manager. In 1999, LeighAnn relocated back to Tucson where she became a team member of Shop Natural, a Natural Food Warehouse, holding the title, Director of Operations. In 2007, she saw an opening at Tanque Verde Ranch for Front Desk Manager, applied and began her journey with the Ranch. In 2008 she shifted roles to assume the Director of Guest Services. With each day passing, Leigh Ann’s relationships with guests grew stronger and so did her love for the ranch. In 2009, she moved into her current position, Director of Revenue Management and Reservations. “Tanque Verde Ranch is a magical place and I work with an amazing team that puts it all together to make the experience for our guests unlike any other,” she said. “What a better collaboration of my passion where I truly am a part of creating make lasting relationships and memories for people all over the world.” With hospitality burning inside of her, she has recently continued her education through Cornell University and received several certifications including: Revenue Management, Masters in Hospitality Management, Lead Customer Team Focused Groups, Hospitality Management and CTA for Tucson AZ from the Visit Tucson Office. LeighAnn’s passion for “service and gratitude” is also translated towards community members of Tucson. Every week, LeighAnn teaches a life skills class to mentally challenged adults who are learning to mainstream into society. “I teach them how to balance a check book, find a job, cook, clean and many other important life skills – those things most of us take for granted.” LeighAnn emphasized that the class she teaches is very rewarding and is a reflection of the importance of giving back to the community. In her spare time, you can find LeighAnn spending time with her dogs, Linus and Charlie, but every now and then she is known to escape the desert to enjoy a couple hours of snowboarding. All in all, she considers the ranch her home away from home and all the guests her extended family members. “I love what I do and who I do it for,” she said. “This is what keeps a smile on my face day after day!”