Kids Stay Free All Summer

With busy schedules during the school year juggling homework, extracurricular activities and work, it seems like it’s nearly impossible to even get the whole family together for dinner every night. It seems like the only “quality” time you get with your family is the time you spend in the car on the way to practice. Well, it’s officially summer so take full advantage of it! A family vacation is the best opportunity to spend undivided time with your loved ones. Soon the kids will go off to college, have jobs, and be building their own life. At that point it only becomes more difficult to get everyone together. The United States is one of the most vacation-deprived countries in the nation, what does this have to say about our family bonding. It’s time to break away from the statistics, from work, school, and sports, and start having some quality family time. That is why, at Tanque Verde Ranch, we created the Kids Stay Free package. Now until September 6th, 2015 the Ranch is calling your name. For a starting rate of $500 a night you can give your family a vacation experience they will not forget.


This package not only provides lodging, but also 3 hearty meals a day constructed by a skilled culinary team. One can indulge in the breakfast buffet before starting a busy day of adventures, return for a lunch buffet to keep the energy going, and cap off the evening in the dining room consuming any of the options on the diverse menu which changes nightly. Your taste buds will not have a dull moment, and it’s all included in this fantastic package. Mix it up and take this already amazing dining experience outdoors on the scenic breakfast ride or to the BBQ cookout where you’re sure to find yourself kicking your boots to the live music.


To make sure that that your family adequately uses up their nutrients after lunch, we have created a weekly schedule of activities so your family can plan out your day down to the hour. On this schedule you’ll find plenty to entertain all members of your family; horseback riding lessons, lope riding, team penning, and strolls through the dessert. Believe it or not, there is even a body of water at The Ranch for fishing. If you’d rather relax, have pool day and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Mountains from the poolside.


Parents, there’s no doubt that you want to spend time with your kids during your family vacation, but may want some time to yourselves. Vacations are not only important for family bonding, but also for slowing down and regenerating your appreciation for the world around you. For that reason, we organized Kids Club, and it’s complementary with the Kids Stay Free package! Tanque Verde offers Kids Club daily and is sure to keep your children entertained. Upon arrival, kids are split up into groups based on age – Buckaroos (4-6), Wranglers (7-9), and Outlaws (10-12). Throughout the day Tanque Verde has designed the ultimate activity schedule to optimize kids experience at The Ranch. They will participate in creature hunting, horseback riding lessons, hikes, and much more.


Put away the cell phones, laptops, and gaming devices, and pull you’re family out of the digital world. Experience the Sonoran desert in full swing while creating memories with each other that will last. Don’t let family vacations be an extinct tradition in your busy world; you only have 18 summers with your kids before they go off on their own to start their own life. Call (520) 296-6275 or visit now to plan your family-get-together.