Saddle Up at the Kids Day Camp Program


Saddle up kiddos. We’ve got a ride for you. From little wranglers and outlaws to buckaroos, we make your children’s wildest dreams come true! We invite your children to partake in our Kids Day Camp at one of the most popular and awarded ranches in the United States, Tanque Verde Ranch.

Surrounded by the beauty of the Sonoran Desert, your children can lasso it all in. Our program is open to the public (ages 7-12) and features daily schedules that will keep them wildly entertained. Your kids can choose from a variety of horse activities, swimming, fishing, nature programs, wagon rides, arts and crafts, water wars, Zorb balls, slackline, and many more ranch-style activities.  With our exceptionally trained and experienced staff, your children will not only be safe but will also learn a handful of traits they will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Our staff takes a personal, and hands-on approach with our kids, priding themselves in making sure kids leave happy, excited, and eager for their next time at the ranch. Drop off your children for a western day of play, horseback, and roping up friendships; what more could your kiddos want?

Kids can explore their adventurous side on horseback where we offer riding lessons, cowboy roping, horse grooming, trail rides, and lope rides. The trail rides pair with our arena-taught lessons, which allows the kids to ride with confidence and reassurance while out on the trails. After practicing and becoming more reliant on their skills, kids can show off their new talents in riding competitions such as team penning, barrel racing, and keyhole races.


Aside from horseback activities, we offer lots of other choices that accommodate every child. One of the kids’ favorites is Water Wars. A game with a twist on an old-fashioned water balloon fight. Kids have two large shields that feature holes and a large slingshot to fire their water balloons at their opponent. The goal of the game is to get your opponent wet with water first.

Another favorite activity for the kids is the Zorb Balls. Imagine a giant hamster ball that is see-through and full of air that sits over the top half of your body. When wearing a Zorb Ball, you can run and crash into each other without worrying about falling or hurting one another.

We also have our slackline activity which combines with our Zorb Balls. There is a long rope that sits between two objects to challenge kids on how to obtain proper balance, agility, and timing. The more children that attempt to stand on the Slack Line, the more difficult it becomes.


Along with the more traditional activities, our Kids Day Camp also offers fishing, biking, tennis and basketball, swimming, and time to play on the playground. Did I mention visits to Rick’s Critters? We have trained staff who show our Rick’s Critters reptile exhibit. You’ll find actual wildlife in the desert. See rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, lizards, and more! But don’t worry, all snakes are kept in containers and used for children’s viewing purposes only. We do feature non-poisonous reptiles such as snakes and lizards, which children are allowed to touch, pet, and hold with staff approval.

Kids Day Camp is available daily, year-round. Summer hours are 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., while Winter hours are 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Hours sometimes change due to the heat temperatures. To see an example of the kid’s activities schedule click here.

The program is available to the public and only requires a 72-hour in advance sign-up. Kids can be signed up for the Kids Day Camp by the day at $75 per day (not including taxes). Anything more than five consecutive days is discounted at $60 per day (not including taxes). We ask that you contact Tanque Verde Ranch in advance for availability of specific dates.


Here at Tanque Verde Ranch, we strive to make your kids not only feel welcome but to enjoy their time spent with us overall. Our ranch is a place where kids can exceed their dreams and watch their imagination gallop to life. Give your children the opportunity to obtain new skills, achieve new comfort levels, and cherish these wild-west memories for a lifetime. We invite parents/guardians to call us with any questions, or concerns, and to inquire about specific dates. Sign up now!