Diary of Golden Eye - A Goodbye to Remember - TVR

A Goodbye to Remember The first sign of daybreak appeared as the sun peaked through Golden Eye’s window. It was the last time Golden Eye would wake up at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert this year. He felt a rush of sadness run through his body as he thought of the faces of new friends he wouldn’t see again until next summer. Several other familiar faces popped in his mind too – his Tanque Verde Ranch family! A Goodbye to Remember Today was bittersweet. Golden Eye’s sadness was quickly replaced with excitement, as he would soon be on his way to see friends and family in Tucson, Arizona. He also remembered that he would get to meet so many new friends back down at the Ranch through the Kids Program. The Program provides guests aged four to twelve years old the opportunity to participate in daily activities such as tennis, watercolor painting, and Golden Eye’s favorite, horseback riding. Plus, the winter was his favorite time of year in the desert, as temperatures hovered in the 60s to 70s. Perfect weather for activities! A Goodbye to Remember Golden Eye headed over to the Dining Hall to meet some of his friends for their final breakfast together at camp. Laughter filled the air over the sweet smell of pancakes and orange juice as Golden Eye and his friends reminisced about hilarious stories from the summer. Phone numbers, addresses, and hugs were exchanged while buses, vans, and cars began to fill the parking lot. Golden Eye spotted the bright, yellow van from Tanque Verde and slowly made his way over with his saddlebags. After many heartfelt goodbyes, lots of hugs, and even a few tears were shed, Golden Eye hopped into the van and began his journey back home to Tanque Verde Ranch. What an amazing summer this was for Golden Eye!  He met so many incredible, life-long friends, experienced Personal Growth and Development in cool, new activities that he never would have been able to try at home, and he came away with more amazing memories than he could count.  Only nine more months until next summer! << Previous Golden Eye Post                   Next Golden Eye Post >>