Hello to our Returning General Manager: Rita Cote

The People of TVR

We are saying farewell to our former General Manager, Jim Bankson, as he moves on to greener pastures, or in his case, bluer waters. After four years at Tanque Verde Ranch and twenty-eight years in the hospitality industry, Jim and his wife, Debra, have decided to continue their journey onward. Where ever their ship lands though, they will be greeted with open arms and we are grateful for their time at the ranch. Jim’s rich experience at resorts across the nation will most likely continue as he is not likely to retire from working or his passion for sailing.

With Bankson leaving we are welcoming new opportunities with open arms and we hope you will as well.

Rita Cote, whom some of you may know, has stepped in as General Manager of Tanque Verde Ranch. Rita has spent thirty-five years in the hospitality industry, but has also resided on The Ranch for quite some time and is a member of the Cote Family who owns Tanque Verde Ranch.

Rita worked for the Marriott Corporation for many years as a Catering Manager and Front Office Manager, giving her experience in all aspects of the hospitality. In 1991, Rita found her new home at Tanque Verde Ranch. While her husband, the famous pancake chef, Bob Cote, was General Manager, Rita worked as the Front Office Manager ensuring that guests were taken care of.  From Front Office manager she transitioned into Operations Manager where she oversaw all activities on The Ranch, and then she advanced to General Manager when Bob decided to hang up his hat (but of course not his bolo ties.)

It was in 2009, Rita decided it was time to enjoy step down to spend more time with Bob and her family. The Cote’s love for The Ranch has never ended, always greeting visitors, old and new, with wide-open arms. No one could make you feel more at home at Tanque Verde Ranch. Although she enjoyed a short retirement, the Cote Family asked Rita to return to help out as General Manager again upon Jim’s departure. Rita has also served on the Board of the Dude Ranchers Association for 13 years and is presently on the Executive Board and the Educational Trust Board serving as Vice President.

With all of her fiery energy and knowledge, we are eager to see what Rita will do next at The Ranch. Many of us know that it has always been the Bob and Rita Show, but we think that may have to change to the Rita and Bob Show now. Make sure you say ‘howdy and welcome back’ when you return for your next visit!