Harmony with Horses

At The Ranch

One of the most important aspects of horseback riding is horsemanship, the connection and bond you build with the horse you are riding. This relationship with your horse will enable you to build trust, confidence and then, the by-product, respect. For this reason, we have two different options for you to learn how to build a stronger relationship with your horse. While you’re at the ranch it is important to us that you are able to ride through the Sonoran Desert with comfort, ease and control. In an effort to further your understanding of horses, we have brought back our program known as Harmony with Horses.

This program is led by Tom Chambers who grew up in the mountain ranch country North of Durango, Colorado. In 2003, Tom began doing horsemanship clinics with the sponsorship and encouragement from Tanque Verde Ranch.  It expanded in popularity and the demand for Tom’s clinics were at an all time high.  We are excited to bring Tom back to Tanque Verde Ranch for Horsemanship clinics.

Clinics are open to families (ages 12 and up) and it all begins by being paired with the horse on property you will find ‘harmony” with. With the largest herd at a U.S. dude ranch, Tanque Verde Ranch is confident that we have a match for anyone. With a large array of sizes and colors, you will have plenty of opportunity to find the horse that matches your personality and taste. After you have found your horse you will begin the three day tutorial, learning everything you need to know about horsemanship.

Each day of the program you will progress to a different level of expertise. The most important part of the first day is “forming a bond with your horse”. This is a unique opportunity for anyone who is interested in gaining more knowledge about horses from the ground up. You will learn how to groom and saddle your horse, ensure that your equipment is secured properly and ensuring that it is comfortable for your horse. After you have spent some time getting to know how the blanket, saddle, bridle, etc. sits properly on your horse, it will be time to further your riding knowledge skills and understanding by stepping up into the saddle.

Day two is “communicating from the saddle”. Starting with the basics, one of our professional wranglers will walk you through the commands necessary for you and your horse to work as an effective team. Understanding how to communicate and motivate your horse through both verbal commands and body language makes the time you spend together more enjoyable as a team. We are invested in giving our guests the skills necessary to gain better self confidence and understanding of their horse at the Ranch.

On the final day, you will practice navigating and communicating with your horse slowly. Venture out on one of our basic riding trails which allow you practice the commands you have learned and allows your horse to gauge your riding style. Working together with your horse, you will herd some of our cattle and this will be the main test for you and your horse as a team. From sorting out individual cattle from the herd and guiding them into separate pens, you will have to work hand-in-hand with your horse to get the job done.

Tanque Verde Ranch gives you the opportunity to gain knowledge through hands on techniques and a better understanding of horsemanship through Harmony with Horses, one of the most unique experiences that you can get on any dude ranch nationwide. We have selected dates for this program available this fall and winter but limited amount of guests are allowed to participate to insure a great educational experience. Get signed up quick, before classes run out!

Also if you are here on a different package and at a different time, many of these techniques are taught in mini sessions in our Horsemanship Clinic 101. Call ahead to get scheduled for these private lessons as well at 1-800-234-3833.