The Diary of Golden Eye – The Long Journey Begins

IMG_4910 The day has finally arrived. Golden Eye and 26 of his four-legged, Tanque Verde Ranch friends are about to embark on their 2-day journey from the lush desert of Tucson, to Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert in the land of 10,000 lakes. Golden Eye appeared impatient and nervous waiting for his ride to arrive. Even though he had packed his bag days ago, he scanned his array of belongings once again to make sure he didn’t forget anything. “Golf clubs… check. Mr. Squiggles… check. Toothbrush… check,” he said under his breath. Only minutes later, the bright, yellow shuttle van and trailer emerged from the distance. Golden Eye turned to his friend, Jim Bankson, TVR’s General Manager, and anxiously asked, “Do you think the other campers are going to like me? Do you think the bears will chase after me? Jim, I don’t know if I’m ready for this!” Jim just chuckled, put a hand on Golden Eye’s mane, and responded calmly. “Golden Eye, I’m going to let you in on a little secret – Every camper has the pre-camp jitters, but guess what! The Cote Family owns Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert just like they own Tanque Verde Ranch, so all the staff and campers there are just like your family here at the Ranch. You will feel right at home.” Golden Eye As Jim loaded the shuttle van and trailer with all of Golden Eye’s saddlebags, he suddenly stopped and asked Golden Eye a question. IMG_4898 “Are you going to let Mr. Squiggles (Golden Eye’s Teddy Bear) ride up front or in the back next to you?” Golden Eye nodded towards to the back. “I figured you would want him close to you during the journey,” said Jim. IMG_4934 Once Golden Eye and his fellow four-legged friends were loaded, they said their goodbyes to the TVR staff. They all waved out the back window until the TVR staff was out of sight. It wasn’t until they drove down the road a little ways that Golden Eye’s pre-camp jitters finally turned into excitement. “Here we go, y’all,” he said. “We’re finally on our way to camp!” << Previous Golden Eye Post                      Next Golden Eye Post >>