The Diary of Golden Eye – Hoofin' It To Camp Lake Hubert (A Minnesota Tail)

As the days grow warmer, the countdown for summer camp at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert grow shorter. Tanque Verde Ranch (TVR) is known to have many of their horses travel up to camp each summer, but this summer is different. The Ranch’s very own “Golden Eye” has finally decided he’s going to make the trek north to Nisswa, Minnesota. “After hearing my friends talk about camp activities and memories all year-long, it made me realize that I’ve really been missing out on all the fun,” Golden Eye told Jonathon, one of TVR’s Wranglers. Golden Eye just turned 12 years old, but has never left his home in Tucson. He admitted he is very shy, and just a little nervous to journey so far from home. He had never traveled to another state – as he grew up on Bellota Ranch herding cattle, leading trail rides and taking pack trips. Jonathon reminded him that not only were some of his best friends going to camp, but more importantly he would have the opportunity to make so many fun memories and new friends – with kids and horses, alike! Golden Eye admitted that he was in fact very excited to try new activities and make new friends. “I’ve made so many working in the Kid’s Program at TVR, I cannot wait for new friends this summer – I’m hoping to try archery, play tetherball and take a pontoon ride!” And so over the course of the last couple of days, Golden Eye made this list of all his important items needed for his journey to and at camp – you know, those things he just can’t live without! Golden Eyes Camp Pack List:
· Golf Clubs                                  
· Hay

· 12 pairs of “shoes”                
· Sunglasses

· Teddy Bear                            
· Sunscreen

· Pillow & Blankie                          
· Lots of apples (just in case)
· Football
· Tennis Racket
Follow Golden Eye’s journey by checking back every week – he’ll be sending us updates from the road trailer on his journey all the way to his new summer home this year at the boys and girls summer camps in central Minnesota! Golden Eye was wondering what those items YOU are packing for camp this summer that you just can’t live without – leave him a comment below (and make sure to remind him if he forgot anything!)

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