Fruit Displays - The Woman Behind It all - Meet Primi

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If you have been to the Ranch, you more than likely have come across the beautiful fruit displays that adds to the artistic touch of the Chef’s delicious spreads. For almost 25 years Primi Riberal has been with the ranch cutting and cultivating anything from small fruits and vegetables to large watermelons – which are Primi’s absolute favorite to carve!


Primi has been involved with Fruit and Vegetables Food Arts for a very long time. She first learned from the Chefs at the Ranch and proceeded to learn herself as it is a great hobby of hers. The Art itself is tedious and delicate process, as you can imagine. The intricate design and work of Fruit Carving takes many tools, patience, and steady hand-work. Primi excels and continues to grow leaving each and every guest and staff member in awe of her work.

Primi comes from the gorgeous land of the Philippines where she grew up with a large family of six siblings – three brothers and three sisters. She also has one son and the whole family adore their six-year-old, 136-pound dog, Kelly.

Every day that Primi comes to work she enjoys the atmosphere, the great people, and the teamwork. “It’s like Family,” she stated.

Throughout the 25 years Primi has worked at the Ranch, the amount of designs she has made is uncountable. From watermelons, apples, strawberries, pineapples, cantaloupes, and veggies Primi has been able to cut and design Food Carving displays for buffets, banquets, and special events. She also has learned many great things like making salads and dressing that only enhances her Food Carving displays.


Primi finds her work rewarding. She enjoys seeing guests study, take pictures, and talk about her handiwork. She most certainly loves to hear “We will be back!” time and time again from the guests.

“Since I have been at the Ranch I have come across quite an adventure. I have learned to create so many beautiful carvings,” Primi said. “I try my best to make the best and help guests find what they want.”

Tanque Verde Ranch is fortunate to have Primi on their team. Her artwork has been admired for over two decades at the Ranch, and we couldn’t be happier to have our returning and new guests eager to see what she cuts up next.