Five Best Travel Tips into Tucson

Every now and then, everyone gets an urge to head to the ranch. You get your mind and heart set on it, check availability on the website, look at all the great things to do, and then—you look at plane flights! This feeling is actually a word; highflying- having a high cost or perceived value. Sometimes this high-flying feeling is enough to damper your spirits from the beauty of a nice getaway. Well, we have talked to our staff at the ranch, and they came up with some fantastic travel tips to the gloomy feeling of spending too much at the airport. Here are their five favorite tips.

  • Days of booking flights. There has been a long argument with many travelers that Tuesdays and Wednesdays tend to be the best days to book actual flights. But according to analysts at Expedia, which processes ticket transactions for many airlines and agencies, announced that weekends are the new best times in a recent article in the New York Times. But this isn’t an overall solution as many airlines are dropping routes or picking them up on different days of the week. And this will have an effect on pricing regardless of the day of booking. The best thing to do is monitor over a variety of days. Look at the pricing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday for your trip. Also subscribe to different flight emails from sources like Southwest, Kayak, Travelzoo, etc. to really isolate the deals and dates that will work the best. Use this information to create a timeline of when you think it would be best to travel.

  • Book at least eight weeks in advance. This goes to say, that for domestic routes, the lowest fares are usually found 50 to 100 days before departure. Expedia has even stated that they have found the best day for booking is 57 days prior. Of course, some airlines have been known to offer deals on airfare just a couple of weeks before departure. But the further you can book out, you could also guarantee you won’t be sitting in the middle of three seats or have the coveted bathroom room towards the back of the plane.

  • Use these tools when booking. There are a few secrets out there for booking flights most people do not know about yet. This is of course based on flying off-peak days or at off-peak times. There are some great websites that detail flight pricing by day and time that can be a real useful tool. is a site to scour multiple airlines utilizing all the OTAs to find great flight pricing. Another is is another great site to see the daily changes in flight costs. What it might cost in the morning could change drastically by lunch. And one of our favorites is a new site called This calendar-style pricing will show a monthly/daily low price for flights for both arrival and departure. A great tool when checking flights while you are talking to Emma, John, or Bea in our Tanque Verde reservations department so you can customize your vacation and schedule pickup at the airport.

  • Find hidden city fares. Most sites looking at ‘hidden city’ fares or the art of booking a ticket from point A to B to C, but only flying point a to B, have caused many issues with the airlines. But the flights are inexpensive. Sites like Skipplagged offer these bookings but are constantly being sued by airlines and OTAs. The problem with these websites is you cannot check in luggage, no frequent flyer miles and you should only book one-way tickets. This is because the airline will most likely cancel the rest of the ticket due to you missing one leg. Plus the airlines absolutely hate these sites for travel. Truth is, we do not promote this method and it’s better for last-minute flights—but it is crazy to see how low cost these flights are. Use the flight calculator instead and you will guarantee your seat, flights, luggage, and miles.

  • Fly into Phoenix. I know, it doesn’t seem right and we love our friends at the Tucson International Airport. But sometimes the savings is big. You could see a $400 to $500 savings per person by this method. It’s only a two-hour drive from Phoenix to Tucson and cars are readily available for rent. Plus it’s a nice way to the area and you could always stop and see the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument or feed the animals at Rooster Cogburn’s Ostrich Ranch on the way. Another great travel tip from Phoenix for those who do not want to do the driving is to use Arizona Shuttle. It’s an easy, safe, and reliable city-to-city shuttle. With over 25 scheduled round trips daily, there will always be a ride available for your trip. It’s $41 each way for adults and $25 for children. It’s just a great way so everyone can relax the whole length of the trip without the hassle of checking in and out of the car rental center.

On another note, recently we heard that daily non-stop service to and from New York City’s JFK Airport will be starting October 7. This will be opening up a world of one-stop connections to international destinations and the northeast United States for longer flights with fewer stops.

Well, there you go. Some of our staff’s great secrets of travel to Tucson. Now hopefully when you get the urge to head on down and join us for a Rita Margarita and a Breakfast Ride you can use some of these tools to save you some money on travel and less of the highflying anxiety. This way you can truly enjoy relaxing nature we all come to enjoy Tanque Verde!