Desert in Bloom is Here

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Imagine the fresh air filling your lungs as you trek through the desert full of blossoms as you bike, hike, or ride on horseback. This time of year is especially superb. The colors of buds, flowers, and cacti illuminate throughout the vastness rolling over the Rincon Mountains and Saguaro National State Park. Making it one of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever witness. Grab your camera, tennis shoes, hiking boots or cowboy boots, bring your friends and family, and adventure into the beauty where you will find treasures of a lifetime… Desert in Bloom doesn’t last long!

Tanque Verde Ranch has a spectacular package for those who would like to take in the beauty of the desert in bloom during its peak season. The Desert in Bloom package will be available from April 22nd through May 30th and offers an abundance of activities for you to thoroughly enjoy the blossoms, flowers, and colors. In addition to the flora witness all the wildlife such as hummingbirds dancing among the flowers. Learn more about bird species at our informative Nature Center Presentations. Will you be able to spot them out on all your Cactus Walks? See an example of our Desert in Bloom activities schedule.

Speciality Activities

This time of year is prime time to stroll through the vast desert. The hot weather is not in full swing as it is not the summer months just yet. Participating in these activities will be sure to entertain, enlighten, and be memorable. Whether it be partaking in our enhanced activities that are on the package or taking full advantage of all the horseback riding, biking, and hiking, you are sure to be busy and adventurous throughout your time at the ranch. We are excited to announce our new activities to the Desert in Bloom activities schedule:

Wine and Painting Classes Sip and be informed through an informational course about the nature of desert blooming periods with flora and fauna. Then, paint a picturesque desert scene with help and guidance when needed. (additional fees may apply).

Photography Course Bring your camera! These are some shots you won’t want to miss! Walk through the desert with an instructor who is a retired professional photographer who offers intellect on camera usage, aperture, angles, lighting, and specifics to the blooms and the desert to ensure your perfect shot! All your friends back home will be so jealous of your amazing pictures! Be sure to share on social media using #tvrfun.

Spa Discount Though the desert can be fun and adventurous it can also be tiresome. When the sun goes down, make an appointment at the La Sonora Spa where you can receive 10-15% off all services just for being on the Desert in Bloom package. Relax, rejuvenate, and unwind so you can get ready for the next big day of Desert in Bloom’s adventures!  

Delicious Activities

Included in your stay is our delicious Cowboy Cookout down at the Cottonwoods Grove. Here, you can indulge in our vast selection of barbeque and high-ended picnic-style items. Also, take advantage of our Breakfast Ride. Ride up the mountain on horseback or mountain bike and dine up at Homestead, where the sites are breathtaking. Eat Tanque Verde Ranch’s famous Blueberry Pancakes and enjoy other breakfast items. When you are finished with breakfast have a nice ride back down the mountain.

In addition to our new activities, we also have enhanced activities from our schedule like our Sunset Cactus Walks, our Nature Center presentations, and of course, horseback riding, mountain biking, kids activities, and more. See an example schedule.

What’s Included

The Desert in Bloom package starts at $409/night. This package is available from April 22nd, 2018 to May 31st, 2018. Rates are based on double occupancy and are subject to sales tax. Gratuities are not included. This package includes all activities on the enhanced activities schedule along with three hearty meals daily, a supervised kids program (ages 4-11), horseback trail riding and lessons, scheduled breakfast rides and Cowboy Cookouts, mountain biking, fishing, guided hikes, nature programs, yoga, and more.

Desert in Bloom truly is a top priority when it comes to vacationing at the Tanque Verde Ranch. Surrounded by the Rincon Mountains, and National Saguaro Park with an abundance of cactus and wildlife in full swing, it will be among one of the most beautiful sites you have ever seen. We have designed the perfect package to fit this period so you can get the most of the beauty at the Tanque Verde Ranch while also indulging in delicious cuisines, and other activities listed on our weekly activities schedule. There is something for everyone!