Diary of Golden Eye – Race to the End of Summer

Summer is quickly coming to a close at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert. Golden Eye and all his new friends have already begun packing their bags and will soon travel back to their homes in every corner of the globe. Golden Eye could sense that the seasons were beginning to change, and knew in the back of his mind that it meant he would soon return to Tanque Verde Ranch. He was going to enjoy his time at camp down to the very last minute. In fact, there was one last event of the summer that he was especially looking forward to – The Second Annual Brownie Cote Lucky Me Run. All proceeds from the race go directly to the Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert Campership Fund, so Golden Eye knew that he was running for a great cause! The Lucky Me Run offered two options to runners – the  5K and the full 8-mile run around Lake Hubert. Back at his home at Tanque Verde Ranch, Golden Eye was nicknamed “fast hoofs” for his speed and agility during race competitions with his friends. The choice was clear for him – he would run the full 8-miles, and once he finished, he would have bragging rights as the fastest to run completely around Lake Hubert! Race day arrived. Golden Eye ate his normal bowl of oats, apples, and of course, drank plenty of water to get energized and hydrated properly. After breakfast, he headed over to Lincoln Lodge to stretch out.  As the time neared 9:30 a.m., the race official lined everyone up. “Runners ready? Set…” BANG! – the starting gun fired and without a second’s delay, Golden Eye was on his way leading the pack! Fifty-five minutes later, the race official saw Golden Eye’s nose come stampeding through the trees. Sweaty and tired, he crossed the finish line taking 1st place in the four-legged division. Just behind him, finishing in an astounding 58 minutes, was alumni staff member “Fletch.” After the awards ceremony, Golden Eye and all the Lucky Me Run participants had a delicious BBQ and campfire. Scary stories, summer memories, laughs, and the sweet smell of s’mores filled the warm, evening air. It was so amazing for Golden Eye to meet great campers and staff of decades past at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert.  He loved listening to their stories as they reminisced about the good days at camp. Early the next morning, after a perfect night, Golden Eye finished packing his bags. He looked out of his cabin at the beautiful sunrise over Lake Hubert and said proudly and humbly, “Lucky Me,” while thinking of Brownie Cote. He had an unforgettable summer meeting new friends, experiencing new activities, and learning important life skills. ‘Twas time to make the journey back home to Tanque Verde Ranch.  Golden Eye knew, without a doubt, that he would have a great winter and be back next year for another epic summer on the shores of Lake Hubert! << Previous Golden Eye Post                   Next Golden Eye Post >>