The Diary of Golden Eye – The Adventures on the Journey to Camp

The Diary of Golden Eye Golden Eye’s journey on the road continued for several days. The excitement to arrive at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert remained strong inside of him. The uncertainty of what was going to be sitting around each corner thrilled him, allowing his imagination to run wild. Golden Eye didn’t realize that there were going to be several surprise stops that were planned to take place during their journey, all thanks to Bob and Rita Cote, Tanque Verde Ranch’s owners. The first surprise of the journey landed Golden Eye and his friends at the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona! From the trailer, Golden Eye just figured the shuttle stop was a routine break to stretch his legs, but after unloading from the shuttle and looking out into the distance, he noticed an enormous, breathtaking canyon. His jaw dropped! Golden Eye was staring into the depths of one of the seven natural wonders of the world! After taking in the gorgeous views of the Grand Canyon, Golden Eye continued on his journey and gazed out of the window, watching the landscape change from desserts, to fields, to mountains, and began dreaming about all of the adventures yet to come at Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert.  As each town passed, Golden Eye wondered if it was the hometown of one of his future camp companions. He was shaken from his thoughts by laughter and screams of excitement. “Where are we?” Golden Eye asked the driver. “We’re at Six Flags Elitch Gardens in Denver, Colorado!” exclaimed the driver as he opened the door for Golden Eye. Following his exciting day at Six Flags, Golden Eye hunkered down into the trailer to finally make the long haul up north to camp… or so he thought. After sleeping through the night, Golden Eye woke up to the sunrise and his morning stretch out of the trailer.  As the sun rose, he glanced behind him and noticed that he was standing just in front of Mount Rushmore!  What was even more incredible was seeing the beautiful tribute to Equestrianism at the Crazy Horse Monument. He was so happy to see these extraordinary and unexpected sights on his way to camp. Camp Lake Hubert Finally, Golden Eye and the rest of the horses from Tanque Verde Ranch jumped into the trailer to finish their trip to Camp Lincoln and Camp Lake Hubert.  That evening, just as the sun began to set, Golden Eye looked out of the window to see the Camp Lake Hubert welcome sign and the large welcome party for him!  He knew it: he had finally arrived to his new summer home at Camp Lake Hubert.  Golden Eye couldn’t be more excited to be surrounded by so many new, welcoming faces in such a beautiful area. Without a doubt in his mind, Golden Eye knew that this summer at Camp Lake Hubert is going to be the best summer of his life! << Previous Golden Eye Post                      Next Golden Eye Post >>