Corral Shade Roof for the Horses is Complete

At The Ranch, Renovations

The horses love the new Corral Shade Roof that is now complete. Construction finished at the end of October, and since it is a great addition! With Tanque Verde Ranch holding 160 horses, you can imagine how big the Corral Shade Roof is. The horses have adapted to it very smoothly with no trouble. Although most of our Arizona-raised friends are used to the weather here, there’s nothing better on a hot day than a nice, cool place to relax. The guests also love seeing the horses being able to reach shade out of the hot Arizona sun. The Corral Shade Roof is 94 feet by 42 feet and sits 6 feet tall.

The Corral Shade Roof is complete with underground water drainage that shoots out far away from the corral to keep mud from building up. When horses stand in mud for long periods of time, it can cause issues and problems with their hooves. The attached drainage system will keep hoof health problem-free.

About 80 horses can fit under at a time which makes for great rotations between horses that are out riding, and horses that are relaxing throughout the day. The new Corral Shade Roof is parallel to the vibrant front lawn of the Ranch and is one of the first things you can see upon arrival.