Chef Dinners at Tanque Verde Ranch


Cuisine is the key to getting to know any culture. Whether it’s within the realm of your own country, or overseas, there is a lot you can learn from the flavors a heritage carries through time. Traditional food is a direct correlation to the flavors that are passed through generations, bringing a taste of the evolution over time. At Tanque Verde Ranch it is always a goal to connect with the historic roots of a western traditional dude ranch, and one way we do so is through our cuisine. This made the new Chef Dinner a no brainer.

Executive Chef, Justin Macy, joined our team last February and has already improved the way we serve traditional food by adding a healthy flare and an extraordinary experience. He had a wonderful start to his career at the age of 17 in the spa cuisine, and as of late, winning awards for his combinations of light, healthy and tasty dishes. He also has created several of his own cookbooks and worked his way up to executive chef for over 15 years at Miraval Resort.

Another recent, and important addition to our team has been Executive Sous Chef Tyler Brady. Brady is a Tucson native and has worked in various kitchens in Tucson. In 2005 he signed on with Miraval where his career really began. Brady worked under three chefs at Miraval, Mary Nearn, Chad Leuthje and Justin Macy where learned a wide variety of cooking from healthy cuisine to traditional. He helped co-author Chef Kim and Chef Macy’s cookbook “Sweet and Savory”. Eventually, Brady left Miraval as a sous chef to be closer to home and work for the Arizona Inn. Chef Brady prides himself on being a self-taught chef with no formal training who picked up new things along the way.

We are very excited about the talent and creativity that these two will bring to Tanque Verde Ranch. And, with this, the added “Chef Dinner” option for our guests at The Ranch.

Each Chef Dinner is designed to encapsulate the western style of the ranch with a fresh twist of modern flavors. The process showcases six different courses of the Chef’s choice, paired with an appropriate wine. While you sit and enjoy the process of Chef Macy or Chef Tyler’s magic they will serve each dish with an explanation of the plate and why it pairs with the wine they chose. The six featured menu items will not be available on the regular menu, giving you the opportunity to have an Executive Chef prepare a meal with a combination of creativity, years of experience, and your needs in mind. Not only will this be unique and inviting, but also you will broaden your horizons during the Western Cuisine experience.

Although there isn’t a menu set in stone, they don’t do this to trick you, but to enhance the experience. Following the culinary adventure, guests are able to take the leftover proteins and the chefs might even advise you in how to enhance them for round two! And there is one thing we know about each dinner, is that there are six courses offered.

(All photos are just an example of what could be served. Menu WILL change).

  • Amuse: also known as a small or single bite appetizer hand-chosen and hand-prepared by the chef.
  • Soup/salad: Created to compliment the main course.
  • Appetizer: Some small starter bites to get the taste buds really rolling before the main course
  • Intermezzo: Commonly used in Europe, this is a way to cleanse the palate between courses. Usually small, light and refreshing kinds of Sorbet or light sparkling wine such as Prosecco.
  • Entreé What we’ve all been waiting for, the main course of the meal. The Entrée will always consist of a protein; Fish, lamb, Steak or Chicken and is available for you to take home incase you are filled to the brim.
  • Dessert: (not pictured) For all our sweet-toothed guests.

During your chef dinner with Executive Chef Macy and Sous Chef Brandy we urge you to ask them any questions you have about the food or wine that was selected. They will not only be cooking a personal and special meal for you but they will be sure to explain how is was created, why they chose it and how it goes along with the wines paired for you over the course of the evening. This is an opportunity to learn and engage in a 5-star experience with our talented chefs that you don’t want to miss. Make sure you call the front desk at 800-234-3833 to make your reservation. Times are available this fall between 6:00 and 8:00 Wednesday-Friday.