Tanque Verde Ranch's New Adventure Guide - Riding, Dining, Biking, and Hiking

Get acquainted with Tanque Verde Ranch’s riding, dining, biking, and hiking activities with our brand new Adventure Guide. This booklet is the treasure map to your ultimate adventure! Made just for you, your friends, and your family to pinpoint which activities best suit you; whether you’re lodging at the Ranch or just passing through. Reference our Adventure Guide for all your activity-related questions and concerns.  Find all the answers inside this handy booklet online, or in your guest room at the Ranch.

What’s Inside

With the Adventure Guide, you will quickly find information on:

  • horseback riding
  • mountain biking
  • hiking
  • kid’s program
  • wellness and spa programs
  • dining venues
  • culinary programs
  • team building activities for groups

Each page of the booklet includes colorful pictures and details on every activity; perfect for finding the adventure you’re seeking.

Open to the Public

Even though we have All-Inclusive vacation packages, doesn’t mean that it excludes you! At Tanque Verde Ranch, we want to reach further out to the public, and the community, along with our lodging guests, welcoming everyone to partake in an adventure at our ranch.  Go for a ride, get some dinner, then go for a hike and call it a day!  Are you and your business looking for something fun and local to do for team building? Look no further. We have provided an entire list of activities you can do to strengthen bonds and make everlasting memories. We encourage you to call ahead of time to sign up or to make reservations to guarantee your spot.

Call 520-464-4864 to sign up or to talk to our informative staff now.

We have placed this little tool in your hands to help make planning and vacationing simple. Tanque Verde Ranch can keep you entertained all day, every day, but if your schedule is strict on not taking any detours, our Adventure Guide will help you arrange for that. With listed dates, times, and duration of each activity, you can conveniently trek on a desert hike here, and grab a scrumptious bite to eat at the Cowboy Cookout there, and then continue on your way. If you find that an activity doesn’t quite fit in your schedule, see all the activities that can be made by appointments instead ­like our private lessons, excursion bike rides, private hikes, and more.

Food and Fun

Don’t have time to sign up for a horseback ride and then make reservations for dinner? No problem. We won’t make you pick just one! Sign-up for our Breakfast Ride on horseback or bike. Enjoy a horseback ride or bike ride up to our old Homestead; where a delicious assortment of southwestern breakfast will be ready. Ride your way to the middle of the desert overlooking the hundreds and thousands of cacti climbing on the mountains. Your tummy will be happy to fill up with our famous blueberry pancakes, and chorizo ranch-styled eggs. Hop back on your horse and ride down the mountainside. You have just experienced two adventures in half the time! See even more of our flexible activities that can be arranged to ensure you an adventure. The options of what you want to do and when you want to do it are truly endless.

And More

All the great information on what there is to do at Tanque Verde Ranch inside our Adventure Guide booklet doesn’t stop there. See more on our La Sonora Spa – where you can relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. Drop the kiddos off at our Kid’s Program where they can discover their own, personal adventure with riding lessons, pool time, the nature center, arts & crafts, and more. Is your mouth still watering from learning about our Breakfast Ride? There are more culinary options inside as well. Learn about the Private Chef’s Table where you can indulge in a 6-course menu with a group, prepared just for you by our very own Head Chef, Justin Macy. Are you looking to stop in and try our famous Prickly Pear Margarita to see what the craze is about – you can do that! Stop by the Dog House Saloon where you can indulge in tasty, southwestern drinks, atmosphere, and delicious bites to eat!


Our new Adventure Guide booklet works hand-in-hand with TVRFUN.com; our digital concierge designed for you to take your vacation to a whole new level with a couple of clicks and your fingertips. See something you like in the Adventure Guide? Pull up TVRfun.com, find your activity, and reserve your spot! It’s that easy!

Whether you are looking for a relaxing evening to sit by a bonfire, eat some steak, and mingle with new people at the Cowboy Cookout, or seeking to discover the desert abyss from sunrise to sunset with walks, trots, or tires. The Adventure Guide will compass you to the right experience, the perfect adventure. See what adventure is waiting for you in our all-new Adventure Guide.