Three Reasons to Stay at the Ranch this Holiday Season

The holiday season is often busy and stressful for families, couples, and individuals.  You may find yourself feeling like you’re on a merry-go-round, going faster and faster until the world around you is a blur.  Slowly, entertaining guests, slaving over the stove, and traveling from one event to the next breaks you down and the holidays tend to lose sense of what matters most, our loved ones. This holiday season jump off of the carousel and take your family with you. A family getaway is the perfect way to spend time with your loved ones free from the stress of the holidays.  Leave it all at home and jump on an all-inclusive family package and we will take care of the three most stressful things about the holiday season. Here are three reasons why you should enjoy the holiday season at Tanque Verde Ranch this year!
  1. No More Hours of Cooking
At the Ranch you surely will never go hungry. While you might be thinking to yourself “I can’t have Thanksgiving (or Christmas) without a home cooked meal” we beg to differ. While having a traditional Thanksgiving is splendid, there is nothing wrong with stepping out of the kitchen and letting someone else step up to the bat. This holiday season, let Tanque Verde take over the culinary responsibilities and impress you with their abundance of buffet options, perfect for picky eaters and foodies alike. Also, enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner complete with smoked turkey out of our smoker, baked turkey, seasonal vegetables and other traditional Thanksgiving culinary delights. Plus, now you can skip slaving over the stove all-day and cleaning up after a house full of guests and actually enjoy your company this holiday season!
  1. Family Fun for Everyone
Are you sick of hearing the phrase “I’m bored” coming out of your kids’ mouth every five minutes during each car ride you have to take during the holiday season? Most parents are. On the all inclusive holiday package at The Ranch your family won’t even have time to think those words. While most the world is dealing with late fall and winter weather, you can be enjoying 80°+F weather sipping Prickly Pear Margaritas by the pool while the kids are splashing in the water. But, just because the weather isn’t your typical “white Christmas” weather, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy all of the Christmas traditions. The Ranch is decorated with Christmas lights throughout the property, beautifully decorated Christmas trees, even Santa will make an appearance on the horseback breakfast ride! Then, on Christmas Eve Santa arrives to surprise the little ones with gifts. The Ranch also has a list of activities available that range from beginner to expert and can keep a person busy from 8 to 8. Choose from going on a scheduled horse ride, or playing an outdoor activity, such as volleyball, at your own leisure. We also offer a kid’s program built to engage, educate, and entertain the little ones so the adults can run away to their own desert oasis. With all of these activities, you’re kids will be begging to spend holidays at the Ranch every year.
  1. Less Travel
While this might seem slightly conflicting, we would like to differ.  During any the holiday season 98.6 million people are traveling.  This includes driving, flying, and making more than one trip.  During this time of the year families are being pulled in every direction – Mom’s side, Dad’s side and often much more.  Eliminate this stress by taking a round trip to The Ranch.  Not only can you escape the hustle and bustle of fitting two Christmas’ into one day, but you can skip that party you never wanted to attend.  When you’re reasoning is “I’m in Tucson, AZ” anyone will find it difficult to argue! This year, give the gift of time spent together. Spending hours on end traveling with your family creates unforgettable experiences that will bond your family for life.  It creates stories that your kids will carry with them forever, and it is our hope that it will make the holiday season less stressful and more enjoyable for you. Who knows, it just may become a family tradition! For any further questions or to book your stay at The Ranch, go to or call 866-413-3833.