Saguaro Adventure Ride

Expand your horizons with a half-day Mountain Adventure Ride through the desert. Starting at 8:00am you will set off with your favorite horse deep into the Rincon Mountains where you will be able to take in the beautiful scenery and broad wildlife of the Sonoran Desert. This walk ride is an adventure for all skill levels of horsemanship so long as you are involved in the riding program or have passed the lope check. With large elevation gains and losses and narrow trails, this is a unique way to explore the desert from horseback. Complete with a packed lunch in the winters and breakfast in the summer, it is a great opportunity to live like the cowboys and cowgirls of the old days. Perching next to your favorite Saguaro or in the shadows of one of the low-lying trees, you can take in the beauty of the Saguaro National Forest. Back by high noon, it is a great chance to take memorable photos or simply enjoy the sights the Tucson area has to offer. See you in the saddle!

Must be able to dismount and mount a horse from the ground with little to no extra assistance, as there are no mounting blocks in the mountains.

Included for guests on all-inclusive packages. Weight limit 250 lbs.