Lope Check

The Lope Check is the highest level of horsemanship offered at Tanque Verde Ranch. The purpose of this check is to assess the rider’s skill for safety. It is expected that riders be at an advanced level of horsemanship or have completed Horsemanship “FUNdamentals” and Intermediate Horsemanship prior to taking this course.

Riders will be monitored for their ability to safely ride at a lope. Passing this check is a requirement to participate in a loping ride. Safety and control are of the utmost value. In this check, riders will be asked to ride at a lope with little or no prompting. Individual assessments will be offered as needed to assist the rider in making appropriate adjustments in order to pass the lope check and participate safely in our loping Sonoran trail rides.

Included for guests on all-inclusive packages. Weight limit 250 lbs.