Intermediate Horsemanship

Learn to guide your horse around barrels and cones at a walk, trot, and lope. Typically, this class starts with a review of Western-style riding. You then quickly move into controlling your horse in a synchronized manner under the watchful eye of your instructor.

Finally, you end with a progression into independent control, where riders can break from the group and lope around the corral. Wranglers are available to provide feedback and correct any inconsistencies in style, as well as assist with posture and control.

This class will expand on reining and control of the horse through all gaits. Ultimately, it provides access to all of the tools needed to pass your lope check – when you feel ready. Participation in this class is at your discretion and you may ride at your own comfort level. Your horseback riding instructor retains complete control of the class at all times and ensures a safe and enjoyable riding experience for all.

Included for guests on all-inclusive packages. Weight limit 250 lbs.